Make yourself at home

Gathering with other people from your private space can somehow be constraining and liberating at the same time. You can make yourself a cup of coffee, brush your hair and put on a clean shirt visible to the camera while still being in your underwear — but also there’s the need to make sure that the parts of your daily life you’d like to remain private don’t come into view for all to see. There are possibilities in curating your environment, so you’re seen how you want to be seen, and ways to arrange yourself so that you’re comfortable. These things take time and consideration, and need to happen before your meeting starts. Obvious? Yes. But reminders can be good.

I got a new chair and I really created a space that worked for me. Because at the beginning, I was sitting at another place in my room and I was constantly looking into the background and readjusting and whatnot… a whole lot of things have gone into nurturing my space, nurturing my intention, so that I can really nurture the work.

— Khadijah Roberts Abdullah

Meeting with collaborators and seeing them on their beds, couches and in their PJs… I’m super excited by that. When do I ever get to look into someone’s intimate personal life like that, you know? Because you would never arrive at a rehearsal in your PJs.

— Sadie Epstein-Fine

Some people need physical, tactile things around them to be engaged in the virtual space. These things may seem like distractions at first, but you need to embrace and make room for that. You just have to get looser.

— Christine Brubaker